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Margaret Edge, Station Control Manager,

Manchester Piccadilly Station

“We have trialled the new Teleque transmitter with the headset microphone and my staff have found it easy to use, allowing them to make clear announcements even while wearing a face mask.”

  • Retrofittable to existing transmitters. 

  • Each user can "own" their microphone meaning no sharing of resources.

  • Beltclip allows the transmitter to be worn and operated from the belt or radio vest.

  • A personal lapel mic, with integral PTT button, makes the product easier to wear and use.

  • Headset microphone means the boom of the mic can be easily used under a visor or a mask.

  • With a PTT button on the transmitter connector adaptor and on the microphone, the user has a choice of operating the transmitter from their lapel or from the belt.  

  • The transmitter can easily be converted back to the original handheld configuration by removing the adaptor and beltclip if necessary.

  • Both the headset mic and lapel mic come in a package suitable for distribution to staff.