Teleque T101 Transmitter
Receiver rack
Receiver and ADU in rack
Standalone Receiver system
Transmitters in a charger

Each transmitter is customized to the station. An LCD displays the zone to which the announcements are to be made. Up and down switches select the different zones and a large push-to-talk (PTT) button enables the announcement.

Building on it's industry-leading features, the new Teleque design now has the ability to connect a choice of lapel or headset microphones. The microphones connect to the transmitter via a robust Hirose Professional Series connector. 


The Teleque receiver is designed specifically for the rail industry. It connects to all industry standard PA routers and amplifiers. There are a range of different configurations - dual/single 19" rack mount;  or an IP67 equipment box that can can be mounted directly on the platform. 

Antenna Distribution Unit

The Teleque Antenna Distribution Unit (ADU) is 19" rack mounted and designed to distribute power and RF to up to four T101 receivers. 

Standalone Solution 

Self-contained within an IP68 rated equipment box, the T101/STAND system includes everything needed to make announcements: receiver, audio amplifier, power supply and antennae. It requires connection to mains and speakers. It is designed to meet the needs of locations such as the ticket gateline, entrance/exits, high risk zones as well as being a temporary installation during works.


The Teleque Dual Charger will fully charge a transmitter in less than an hour.  The smart charger then reverts to trickle charge so the unit is always ready for use.

Active Antenna

The TDP101/70/IP67 is a directional antenna with a bandwidth limited active gain stage powered from the receiver. It is enclosed in a robust IP67 rated box making it ideal for any platform environment